Kitchen Remodel in an Older Home- Part 3.


There are many details that need to be decided upon early so the remodel will stay on track. For example, the kitchen sink. Not only will you need it picked out prior to ordering cabinets, but you will physically need it for the countertop fabricator- way before it’s time for it to be installed. When placing your orders make sure you have a place to store them. Since we installed the cabinets ourselves, they shipped to our house and took up A LOT of space.


With every remodel there are a lot of details to take care of. Unfortunately, some of these are not much fun to spend money on, which I call the “un-sexy stuff”. These are things like a new roof, furnace, insulation, or windows…boring, but necessary. Our windows were tired, but just needed a reboot. I’m a cheerleader for keeping origninal windows when it’s an option. I once read that windows are the eyes to the soul of a home. When you change them out, the house never looks the same. Double Hung is a great resource for older windows. They will weatherproof your windows and make them operable after years of being painted shut!


No explanation needed here…this is the fun stuff to spend money on! However, even though this is a fun part, it can be overwhelming and can get old very fast. This is where you have to find your innner strength after spending hours searching for those perfect knobs. It is going to be beautiful, just make a decision and move along!


The electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sheetrock and priming are completed. The floors are refinished and cabinetry is ready to be installed. As I mentioned, we installed ourselves, (and by we, I mean my husband). Again, if you’ve never done this, hire someone to install.

Lightingcountertops and tile are in- moving forward with all the finishing touches! All the details that you’ve spent long hours agonizing over, worrying about if it will look as good as you imagined, starts to materialize. It feels like giving birth all over again!