No, it’s not mine again!

It’s time for another kitchen remodel. No, I have not already changed my mind with my kitchen. And no, this blog is not just about kitchen remodels. But I thought posting something fun and transforming would be uplifting right now.

A client just purchased a home with me and is in the middle of their kitchen remodel. They are fortunate that they can complete the kitchen remodel before they move in. Which, is a great thing if you have the option of doing so. Not having to live through a remodel is a bonus!

The kitchen is not that bad, just a little dated: closed off from the main living space, lack of counter top space and a large, unwanted space for a kitchen table…it just needed a refresh. And her (really his) wish is to be able to have it open to the den- #1 requirement, to see the TV in the den while sitting at the island. I know many people who are nodding their heads, YES!!

Before pictures.

Minimal changes to the room will make a big impact:

  • Widening the doorway between the kitchen and the den.
  • Widening the doorway between the den and the dining room.
  • Closing off the french doors into the sunroom.

This will enable them to remove the “eat-in kitchen” of the 80’s and create an island-centric, open concept living space of the 2020’s.

As you can see, simply opening these two doorways makes this space look so much larger.

Within each opening, the unfinsihed floor is where the wall used to be. It’s quite a difference!

Closing off the french doors gives more wall space for cabinetry. If you didn’t do this, you would not have enough storage space and an uneeded opening. They also are enlarging the window to gain more light and bring the outside in.

Yes, they did have to move some electrical and plumbing around. Electrical is usually not that big of a deal, easy to snake around the wires. But plumbing can cause much more of a headache. They did have to relocate a stack (drain line) leading up to the second floor bath but they got lucky and it was an easy move because of the direction the joists were running.

Comparison pictures of now and before.

Sometimes a remodel does not require taking out entire walls and completely re-figuring the layout of the rom. Sometimes it’s just a few little changes, like with this one, that will make the biggest difference. They did decide to hire a contractor for this job, they went with Spruce Builders.

Check in next Friday to see where they are with the progress!